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Suffering with Hearing Loss ?

Call us today for a free NHS appointment

Have others been complaining that you do not hear them? Perhaps you raise the TV much louder than they like? Maybe you find certain situations difficult like noisy restaurants or hearing the grandchildren?

Contact us for a free NHS hearing test and if appropriate we will fit free NHS hearing aids for you. We can usually see you within 7 days. There is no need for a GP referral ! Simply call us for an appointment and we arrange all with the NHS. 

This service is only for those 50+ and whose GPs are in Central Norfolk Locality (North Norfolk, South Norfolk and Norwich)

NHS Audiology Self Referral 

To Access NHS Audiology Services, you no longer need a GP referral ! (This service is for residents of Norfolk who are 50+ and whose GP is in the Central Norfolk Locality).
To arrange an appointment for a free hearing test and free hearing aids (where appropriate), please contact us using any of the contact details below:
Call us on 01603 964441
Fill the form Below:

Free NHS Hearing Aids & Hearing Tests

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Aged 50+


  • Registered with a GP in the Central Norfolk Locality (North Norfolk, South Norfolk and Norwich)

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New Patients Seeking an NHS Audiology Service

For new patients interested in a free NHS hearing test or free NHS hearing aids, you no longer need a GP referral ! Simply book yourself into our service using the

Self -Referral form below 

or arrange an appointment by calling us now on;


Tel - 01603 964441


Receive an appointment to see an audiologist within only 7 days !

Self-Referral Form
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Our Clinic Locations
Clinic Locations
Hearing Healthcare

Hearing Healthcare Is Important For Cognitive, Psychological, Social and Physical Wellbeing 

Call Us For A Free NHS Hearing Test / Hearing Aid Fitting Today
Tel - 01603 964441
About Us

About Us:


Our Audiologists are highly qualified and experienced, providing first-class hearing healthcare with unrivalled aftercare. Call our team today to arrange an appointment.

Local Centres

We know how important it is to for you to have easy access to a service. Our clinics are never far away from your home, with convenient transport links, and easy parking. See our locations here

Short Waiting Times

We are able to see you quickly, whether it is for a new assessment or for ongoing service. Call our friendly customer services team today for an appointment Tel - 01603 964441

Latest Hearing Technology

NHS hearing aids can vary considerably in their performance. Some use older technology from 7-8+ years ago. We only provide the very latest generation of NHS hearing aids

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Contact Us
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